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Monday, 30 September 2013

Stay gold mah brotherrr

Love to find these hidden treasures somewhere in my laptap
He has real skills with photobooth <3

Waterproof cover rocks

We got hit by the wave and it's hugeee. It pulls you back in with it, kinda scary. Imagine you drop your Iphone hahaha. There it goes

Bali Day 4

All thanks to Rachel's Iphone waterproof cover, we had crazy underwater videos hahaha
Dreamland beach was awesome man, it's quite a drive out but so worth it. There aren't many people so you should just chill the whole day there. THIS IS A MUST VISIT. 

It'll be cool if I know who bothers reading sparselyvegetatedeyelashes so please do feel free to say 'Hello' 

Sunday, 29 September 2013

The best reward after hiking up Mount Batur 

Well after studying geography in JC, this is the first time geography is actually coming alive for me

Ok so basically we set off from our hotel at 2am, took a 2 hour ride to the volcano. Started our hike at 4am so that we could catch sunrise by the time we reached the peak. 

Where breakfast is served! Ok don't expect American breakfast or anything but honestly eating anything warm at that point of time would be perfect already. I have a photo of breakfast somewhere below later haha

<3 Thanks for having me along Rachdawgxz <3

I love this photo for some reason hahaha 

IT WAS SUPER COLD UP THERE. Not like I could do about it sadly but it was tough.
It was cold but I didn't want to leave, too beautiful way tooooo beautiful

The amazing thing was, WHY WOULD A DOG WANNA CLIMB THE VOLCANO. This I really don't get. Cause the hike isn't easy (for me that is) like sometimes I find myself climbing at 90 degrees? But there's no way but up so somehow or another you have to get yourself up. And it's not very safe cause if you roll off side ways and off the 'track' (inverted commas cause honestly there isn't even a track) you just end up somewhere down below. I always imagined myself being at some hole, who knows where. Dangerous but worth it, we made it out alive. 

BREAKFAST. So that's warm mashed up banana in bread and a hard boil egg. I shared the egg with the dog cause he was looking at me with puppy dogs eyes, I just had to. Maybe that's his incentive for getting up the volcano with us. All for a hard boil egg hmm

And maybe for some tourist loving?

That's Mel. Damn I wished I had a back shot of myself like this, I'll totally dp it hahaha

Michelle working it. She's so damn funny seriously. Like she puked on the way up the volcano and kept apologizing to it telling it not to hate her so that it won't suddenly decide to erupt on us. The volcano is still active btw #whatwereweeventhinking

Saw some caucasians and snapped cause then it'll look tumblr hahahaha

I think one of the only times I'll post for photos individually cause 
1. Scenery is just too beautiful
2. I don't think I'll ever hike this again

NATURAL RED ROCKS. I was actually thinking about my geography teacher on the way up the hike. Took a red rock for her and my mum asked 'Why you never take for me?!!'
Sigh I didn't know would have taken more hahaha

I'm glad Rachel finally admits that I wasn't being a crazy person snapping photos every step of the way cause I was still snapping even though I was about to fall off this volcano. And when she uses them as DP I'm like 'Oh yes, achievement unlocked hahaha'
Btw it was really really tough taking photos while hiking cause its damn steep and dangerous. Most of these are with the Iphone and it was already tough enough. I so wanna shoot there but I'll need a model that doesn't mind this crazy adventure 

So when it gets too steep, we sit and slide down like a slide hahaha

Sorry just had to 


The crater. This is shot by our lovely tour guide that didn't get too pissed off that we were taking forever to complete the hike. We're slow pokes. And yup another super cute dog

More dogs. Oh and there some people that live on the volcano? So yeah that was pretty cool. You know how we learn in geography that people wanna live on the volcano and the government finds it hard to evict them. Yeah I've met these people, IN REAL LIFE hahah

Goodbye Mount Batur it was nice hiking you

WE MADE IT OUT ALIVE. Haha took me long enough to get Bali Day 3 up on here. It was tough trying to get photos during the hike cause it'll come to a point whereby you realise you're climbing at 90 degrees. And there's no way but up hahaha. That's when you rely heavily on your Iphone more than anything else hahah. Most of the photos here are by my Iphone! Especially those that show us climbing cause I had to keep my dslr safe in my bag heh. 

As you can tell I was in shorts. (Ps: I was wearing Hope Camp Shirt hahahaha) Wrong move man, wrong move. I literally looked like I was gonna climb Bukit Timah hill or something. Everyone else were in scarfs and they had the hiking sticks or whatever you call it. And there we were trying to crawl up the volcano. Although we had a few stops here and there (like vomiting tripping spraining ankle panting) it was really an experience and I'm thankful my friends all went for it cause I can't imagine anyone else agreeing to doing this. And to our lovely tour guide who was extremely patient with us haha, thank you. Cause we took pretty long to finish the entire thing (which is great cause then I had more time to take pictures) 

So yes this is Bali day 3, I'll upload Day 4 (the last day) soon I promise. I'm glad that now Rachel doesn't think I'm a freak taking photos 24/7 cause now she regrets not posing more. 

We so wanna go back