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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Too cute. Blur but I just had to post this

It's rare that I have dslr photos to post here during this hectic period (I have test tmr and have yet to study) all thanks to Joyce, we made a random trip to Yukie's to meet her lovely hamster haha. The photos aren't sharp but they're too cute not to post up! Hahah I was spamming 40 shots in 5 minutes and Yukie was being really nice to entertain my sudden idea of shooting her hamster. So yay! 
Meet Garfield, the hamster named after a cat

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Apricot Cranberry home-made and delivered by dearest Aunty Krys!! 
It's so moist and yummy ahah

My bro says that our pee turns pink/purple when you eat these 

Experimental painting today! It was really fun cause we didn't have to care about anything at all. 
Plus the canvas is free, the paint was free, the guest artist was great I really liked him. 
So ta-da the best painting lesson thus far 

That's our guest artist from Korea! Cool thing is, he speaks Chinese. So today I was conversing with him in chinese trying to understand his advices. His suggestions are really good, somehow it's clear and understandable but not direct. He still gives you the space to execute sadly he's only here for today. 

Initial stage of the painting. I actually like it looking like this. The pink is a little too unnatural for me. Will continue next week yay 

Pete's cool momento

Glorious food time 


Tuesdays are the most tiring and I'm going to bathe, sleep early, and start my art history revision!!!
I've yet to start at all. Haha ok goodnight

I love how it looks like a painting :')

Was trying to get a selfie with the fishes but none wanted to swim towards me 

This place is so awesome I'm planning on heading back another day. They literally leave you unbothered which is what I love cause I can photograph with peace. Best thing is, they're ok with whatever you're doing so long as you're not stealing their fishes or dripping in poison or something. I was standing on a chair and snapping my heart awayyy. Usually I would suppose that it'll be considered a dangerous act cause I could have just toppled in. 
But heh, no one stopped me. It's awesome

It's so peaceful there that I can afford to transfer my photos immediately to test some editing to see if it'd work out. And that's some fish food for me to toss when I'm feeling bored while watching photos to load (I bought a big pack of fish food yum)

Today I've experienced traveling from one end of Singapore to the other. I've finally understood Jon's daily routine I can't imagine him not having a seat on the train. No wonder he loves Jo's car rides so much. I think the traveling made him appreciate car rides alot more haha. Also I intended to head down at 5pm but somehow decide to wake up early for this. So thankful I did cause I didn't have to deal with the rain. I'm not sure why I'm so last minute with my ideas but I thank God that I manage to pull through somehow. 

My 'final' panoramic assignment

Today was a great alone day. I have alone days everyday (and I love it) but today was exceptional. I headed to Pasir Ris, had the time of my life just hoping around all the ponds. I literally left my bag unattended somewhere and walked around everywhere sending photos to my friends who knew I was on a koi expedition today. Apparently my uncle told me not to fall into these mysterious tanks cause like they rare monster fishes. That would just have been creepy and deadly haha. I had this crazy fear of falling in being kissed by all the kois. Um yay?

It's been a long while since I felt something for the school assignments that have been set and I'm glad I've finally revived. I'm happy with the final product and how it looks, I absolutely love the energy and wow I actually like my work. Yeah, haha I can say that I like my work (even if you don't, I'll still say it again) I've learnt that being in an institute does stifle a lot of things, but most importantly do what you like. Cause ultimately, it's your work. People are going to hire you for what you've done, thought and produced. People hire you for you and not your teacher, so haha like what my classmate always reminds me 'Do what you like' Haha thanks Esther :)
(Oh and thank you Evan Quek for inspiring and helping me out with this I appreciate this alot!)

I'm still lost on my final projects but thank God I actually feel for my work again. 
And I can't wait to see what's more to come!

(Btw I had Sushi on my own and that's rewarding cause I don't have to share hahahaha ok just kidding)

Monday, 28 October 2013

Old photo from filming with Jon Yong and Rach
Reason for this photo would be cause I miss my year 1 classmates. I miss working with them and seeing their real selves at 2am when they get all wonky and start dancing, rapping or singing to Westlife. And I love collaborations so I can't wait for this Dec cause I'm hoping we'll do something together. And that's my sister acting for them, ah how fun. Everyone's helping everyone :)

I've got to sleep now and can't upload the photos of today because tomorrow I have to be at Pasir Ris at 8:30am (which is the other end of Singapore from my place) I'm so excited to wake up tomorrow and make my way there cause I'm finally feeling hopeful about this panoramic assignment. Thank God inspiration came in time, just in time and not too late. Headed out to Qian Hu today but it rained once I arrived and it's blessing in disguise cause the pond was way too small. And when I headed home the photographer who I got really inspired from replied me. Plus he was so helpful and even offered help if I were to have any problem while shooting. Thanks so much Evan Quek! I was literally examining the photo the entire of today cause it was just lingering at the back of my mind like 'How did he even create something so amazing?!' 
So woohoo, everything came very timely. 

I can't wait!!!
You have to know this is excitement I've not felt in a while, thank God :')
Praying for a good weather tomorrow, please hold the rain and the rainy cloudsss

Saturday, 26 October 2013

God will make a way

I've already done my entry for the day but this is too cute not to share. 
That's her prayer + a photo of her praying for me :')
Thanks for being such a lovely blessing Joia :') You really cheered me up so much today. Although I'm still feeling really lost and clueless about all my projects, I feel happier and hopeful after I read your prayer. To be honest, it scares me a whole lot that I have no clue what I want to do for both my final projects. By now I should be having certain inclinations or preference on what I'd like to do. But I just feel so uninspired, I don't feel much for anything which is really bad cause then I have no direction. 
And this scares me as a whole. I've just majored into Photography and wow I'm already having brain blocks. Everyone just seems to inspired and excited about a certain issue or news that they want to work on. And there I am with nothing. Ok so all that aside, I'm sure inspiration will come and I'm waiting on God very patientlyyy. 

I've been having really terrible headaches and I hate them so much cause it's like pain stuck in your forehead which you really can't rid off. It'll be nice if you keep me in your prayers :') 
I'd be very grateful <3 
(My attempts to sleep before 12am, it's 11:58 now yay)

I love these photos so much, esp the one on the left. 

So Joia has got a new number and she's using my Aunt's old Iphone haha. She has whatsapp now!!!
She's only 7 this year and she's so sweet :') Couldn't stop laughing at her replies, and surprisingly she types so well. Miss you both so much :(

Met Chiew Tong and Chris after Youth service (cause I brought my siblings today) and that's the DIY shirt I made for her birthday! Haha so glad she wore it for me immediately <3
Blessed birthday to you Tong!! Happy reading your super long birthday message :>

Manda (We think alike hahah, so happy to see you every Sat)
And dearest @listography9 please don't thank me for being an awesome photographer cause (1) I'm not
(2) You look beautiful everyday that's why. Please don't stress up so much manda :'( Just read about Gingivitis. I'm stress too but I end up with weird things like ulcer and other stuff (I'll tell you when I see you hahaha) At least I'm not the only one here being medically certified due to stress, am here for you if you ever need <3

I love you both to bits and pieces

Thanks for taking time off your studying time to come to church today. I'm so glad to see you relax and find rest in the midst of your crazy stress. Proud of you <3
Haha and ya that's us looking at all our polaroids one by one. I love doing that all the time

I'm running brain dead on an assignment due on Tuesday. Trust God for His plans and timing
It'll come :)

Day Diaries

Met Chiew Tong for improptu tea time cause my lunch was pretty bad, didn't eat much of it. Haha I love short improptu meals cause firsly I love eating, and I love talking over food. I mean who doesn't hahaha. We were on the way to Pitchstop but got lost. But we found this amazing place haha I think I could do a shoot there. So I just said 'Tong can you please sit there for me' and in 5 minutes you get such beautiful photos. Thanks to my friends for always being so ever ready and obedient hahaha all she said was 'Okay!!' and then galloped her way to the spot. Hahah it always happens. Like we'd be walking (while being lost) and I'll say 'Hey that shadow is pretty cool, wanna stand there?' 
Haha I'm so super thankful that my friends are so co operative sometimes. So thanks to them I have pretty photos to be happy about :')

Brought her to Pitchstop's Aglio Olio!!! Recommended to me by my roomie haha. It doesn't look that great but guys, don't be deceived haha it's pretty good trust me.

Bumped into Helen after not seeing her in a month!!! Missed her so much :( It was like a routine meeting her more than once a week haha. She's been to 2 countries in a month! And yeah schdules didn't match, I was really busy and so was she. But yay missed her hugs :') 
She said she was just thinking about having to go back to Germany. And she stopped herself from thinking about that cause, yeah it sucks thinking how much we'll miss each other. Aw Helen :( 
Honestly I tried to make myself be ok with not meeting up cause I think I needed to deal with the distance in time to come haha. But I'll forget that cause that's just silly, I'm sure I'll regret this terribly not spending time with her before she leaves. She even told me 'We have to meet this week viv it's crazy. Even if it's during our short breaks' YES WE MUST PLEASE. That aside, met Sebastian (her boyfriend flew over haha) today and wow I'm so touched that he knows my name cause Helen must really been speaking quite abit about me haha <3 

Way back to hall 16

And I love waking up to see these lovely notes from Wx she's the sweetest :') 

Haha so sweet <3 I'm so thankful that you still bother to meet me even if it's just a 179 bus ride out to Boon Lay. I miss you so much man Rach :( please sync timetables better next sem pleaseee. And I've always wanted to take a photo with her foot cause that whale tattoo has sentimental value to me at least. I drew it before we left Bali and she got it tattooed there hahaha. Sorry I'm still very amazed she did it

That's Yong washing his lip with an ice cube. Yong, you're such a sweet guy. Thanks for htht with me and Rif, just reminds me of how much I treasure you guys as my year 1 classmates. I get protective when I see you guys hanging out and being happy in all your majors. I mean I'm happy for you all but I miss year 1 times when we're always together. Imagine if we could become like the series 'FRIENDS'. I hope we can be like them living life together that'll be really awesome omg
(I want that but idk about them hahahaha oh wells)

Chilli par-tay

Bought this for my little sissy who's admist her O'levels now haha. I'm so proud of you that you're nearly halfway there. All the random phonecalls just to talk (or hear my voice -winks-) really make me feel like I'm important in your life cause I know this examination is a big milestone in your life. Keep pushing on! And I hope you love these beautiful handmade stickers made by my ADM friend Beverly Ng :) Chanced upon them at a flea in school today and had to buy them haha. It's amazing seeing everyone being so passionate in the things they do. And I love how she didn't overprice anything at all, they were so so affordable. I bought them at $2 even when I would buy them at 5 bucks haha. All thanks to Amanda's instagram @listography9 and advertising I found her booth!! 
(Btw Amanda bought stuff for her sister too haha high 5)

Was just looking at the photos in my phone and wow, the amount of random photos I take a day is quite abit. I've been doing this Day diary on my private blog and decided to post them more detailed-ly here cause it's a cool documentation haha. And besides, it's so hectic these ending weeks and I doubt I'll have time to post high resolution photos from shoots and whatever not so I'll make do with these :>
So I'll be doing this daily (I hope, if my photos aren't too ugly) hahah, and so should everyone. It keeps you more aware of the things and people around you, and you just appreciate a lot more. 
It keeps me thankful :)

Isaiah 40:31
But those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not be weary, they will walk and not be faint.