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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Open my eyes let me see

(Gonna be a short post) 
Firstly I'd like to thank everyone that has helped me one way or another, be it tangible or intangible. I was feeling really hopeless about my final series for Digital Imaging 2 but I'm glad I managed to submit something which made sense to me. But I wouldn't have been able to do this without the immense amount of help I got from so many people. I hope I'm able to list them all but I want to thank Kenneth Edi Ron Valerie Rachel Calvin and Khairul for physically being a part of the shoot. Thanks Kenneth for lending me your camera and all the equipment I needed, I basically only needed to bring my bag with biscuit supplies and water for the night. I felt like a 'leader' with so many people there helping me over a span of 3 nights. I was learning a lot from Kenneth and it felt as if we were both learning together as well. There was 1 day for failing, and 2 days for shooting my final images. Through this I've screwd up most of their body clocks especially Eds because immediately after the final crit she came to help me full on with mine. Thanks Ron and Khai for driving, I wouldn't have done this without a car and also for being fun and happy throughout. Even when I felt like I wanted to give up because night shoots are just super out of my comfort zone, they'd just say 'Ok next location we'll find better' They don't compromise on me reaching a certain standard just so they can go home and have an earlier rest. I really would type out a long essay on how much I appreciate you guys but in short, thanks for being such fun loving friends. Most you guys are meeting each other for the first time but hey they clicked perfectly well haha and I had alot fun. Thank you all so much :>

And also to Pete who linked me this reference which made me kick start this idea for my final project. It came super timely because I was working till the very last minute. I remember how Calvin (Rach's friend) told me 'We won't know until we try' Which made me feel alot better because it actually failed on the first day and I thought I wasted everyone's time. They really just went all out for this even though it isn't their project. All the mud and frogs and wild dogs and entering restricted areas so much more... Even supper won't make it up man, but thanks guys <3 And to all the other intangible help I got! Suggestions on which equipment I should use, or lending me your torchlights, or showing me how to DIY a lantern. Thank you all I appreciate it alot :>

And all I could do then was do a Mac Donalds treat. WE HAD IT FOR 2 DAYS 
But yay what a fun night adventure with you all    

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Holy is the Lord God Almighty, the earth is filled with His glory

God will give you the strength to excel 

Monday, 14 April 2014

Thaaank youuu

Credits to E Loh <3

Credits Marilyn :>

Just had my first ever proper studio shoot with the help from my lovely friends. I really shouldn't be posting because I have loads of assignments awaiting me but I just want to thank everyone that has helped me!!! Wouldn't have been able to do this on my own. Thank God Rachel and Esther came to help me because initially it was just said as a fleeting comment, didn't think they'd really come down and really help me haha. Like she'll really move stuff around with urgency as if it was her own project, thanks for doing all this <3 All the way in Pulau NTU, it's so far away from everything else hahah. Rach is usually here on most of my shoots and I love working with her hahah (Y) Clara and Shi Lin too! For just helping me improptu when you saw that I needed help, thank youuu. And to my models Pooja and Maarit for helping me so willingly you guys are so beautiful and fun to work with. I can finally say 'I SHOT POOJA FROM ASIA NEXT TOP MODEL' hahaha. Thanks Pooja for encouraging me and for always exclaiming 'Omg I love this?!' when you look at the pictures haha makes me happy that you like them. And to the amazing Suzane Calero, thanks so much for doing the make up because honestly I don't know much about it but you did greaaat. Adeline and Joceline the McSpicy twins who aren't stylist but are super good at it nonetheless. #borntalents I can't imagine them as one person because they'd be prodigies (Very talented artists) They literally just lent me whatever I could use so generously thank you :') And it's always comfortable working with them because we've been through AEP together back in JC, haha it helps alot. If you're wondering that beautiful hat is done by Kylie!! She followed me to Chinatown to get the materials and then back to my place to try create a head piece. Hahaha she's a genius really. And Ediii, she came over on Saturday morning although she needed to head to school to help me out with fitting and pairing (I'm guessing she's the closest to Pooja's size) She's in the midst of submissions but she woke up early and came over <3 

Can't ever thank you all enough. I thank God for blessing me with such lovely friends

From the shoot yesterday, I've learnt so much about how things operate during studio sessions like these. I've learnt that I need to have things planned out really well and know exactly what I want because you're like the director of the day kinda thing. Which freaks me out a lot because sometimes I'm not even super duper sure what I want. This time everything was really rushed because it's an assignment and I hava a deadline, which means I can only do this much with the time I can put into this lighting module. So I just do the best I can with whatever time and resources I can get. But in the future, I hope to do more interesting studio shoots during my holidays! With more planning, more collaborations and planning. I like working in nice teams :> Thank you all for the great first experience <3

Monday, 7 April 2014

The old is gone, the new has come

Happy Baptism dearest siblingzzz
I remember how a few months ago we were on our own in seperate churches, I'm glad that somehow or another God made a way for you both to join me in Hope :') Love you both so much

Happy Baptism Amanda and Jolin!

Selfie before her turn hahaha Manda is so cute. 

Thanks Sam for sowing on Amanda because she's been a big blessing to us <3 

Hahaaha you can sense how happy they are :')

Blessed Birthday Tracy! Thanks for hiring me for your pre wedding shots, managed to get to know you and Seng Kim better. And for all the random text you drop me, thank you <3 

This is the first time I've actually experienced having so many close friends and family getting baptised. It's also the first time I've bought gifts for a baptism haha, it's so heart warming seeing everyone else really rejoicing along with the baptizes. I'm so happy for you all, congrats once again!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

What are we rushing for

The failed hard boiled egg on Instagram (@vivtanshithui) has sparked off more compliments that I've expected hahah it's so funny. But yay ok happy that I don't seem like such a failure with that egg. Thank you nice friends for being so cute about it haha. 

This end of semester has been the worst I've encountered thus far and I'm pretty sure for many others. I wonder when all this mad rush will ever end, it feels like it's on repeat and life it just all about rushing for something (which we aren't even sure of ourselves). It's so sad. I don't want to be doing this all my life, and so do many others. But why is it still hapenning?!! I feel that I'm rushing, towards my end of sem. But that isn't what I want though. I want to have some time and space in school to engage in more intellectual projects. Things that are more large scale and ambitious? Sometimes all we need is time and space to be open and observe the things around us. Then we'd be inspired. I wonder why I always find it so hard to do on a project that I feel so strongly about. Why does inspiration not come by as easily as I thought it would, yknow?