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Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Yasas! Haha that's hello in Greek. Eds was telling me that I should probably do a post while we're here, just for fun hahah. Anyways, it's 12:18am here now and 5:18am in Singapore so anyone that is reading this now is officially awake at an unearthly hour. Anyways, Greece has been nothing but amazing. I wished you guys could see through our eyes because there's simply no way we can capture the beauty of this place with a machine. The sky is just too wide for any wide camera lens to capture. After being here, the world just seems so much bigger. And I love it here because there's so much Earth, no obstruction to the beautiful view we have. Everytime we're driving in the car, I can only tell myself 'Wow God You're so amazing' I'm still in awe, so much awe. I'm glad that I'm on this trip with my boss and friends because we get to go to crazy places for location scouting. It just reminds me of roadtrips scenes in movies and it's exciting. We're currently driving in a jeep because it's really rocky here and we get to be on clifts and climb rocky beaches, watch people jump off clifts, swim in the clearest waters. Just wowww. So overall, we've all been great! Had lots of fun and laughter and a deadly sunburn. Just imagine me sunburnt -.- Not good at all hahaha

Anyways! I won't be updating here as often as Instagram but I'll try. But I think Instagram would be the easiest way to get a glimpse of our trip in Greece :> It's really beautifulllllllllll. I've been shooting alot with my Iphone, Polaroid, Film and THE 5DMARK3 that Kenneth lent me. I'm still trying to get used to this because I've been using my 550D for so long, Mark 3 is just kinda different haha. So yes when I'm back, I'll try to compile my trip into the 3 different islands I've been to :> I don't want to blog too much now if not it'll just get repetitive when I do the actual posts about the trip hahah (plus wifi here isn't too great haha)

Do look at our hashtag #edventureswithviv #limpehtravels :> 

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Megan's 1st

Happy Birthday dearest Megan you're finally 1 now

Stephie Becks

See you soon Stephie :>

Met Stephie before she flies back to Germany :> Btw she's Helen's friend! She's so sweet really, so so sweet. And very polite a german. She got me a gift? Wow right, a gift for me yayyy it feels like Christmas hahah. And like when we had to depart, she was like "So Vivien, thank you so much for meeting me today...... (like a mini cute speech which she looked nervous about)..." and she even said I know that you'll have Helen to help you but if you ever need help in Germany please do ask me for help too. AND SHE HAD TEARY RED EYES. So I had to hug her again. But yay Stephie at least I know that I'm gonna see you again and in Stuttgart :> Thanks for wanting to be my friend this Asian girl. Meeting people like you gives me hope that I'm gonna be ok making german friends when I'm there. I hope they're all as nice and friendly as you <3 Although it did hit me that when my semester ends there, I don't know when's the next time I can look forward to seeing Helen again but Ky is right, why worry? I mean she was talking to be in a total different context but I think that can be applied here too. So yay, see you soon Stephie :> I hope to visit your place with your cute vegetable farm and have some of your family home grown potatoes :')

Shityaopant's 21st

Thanks so much for this friendship, it's funny how we always tell each other how honoured we are to be friends with one another. And you're so sweet to always tell me 'always fun with you anywhere we go' I sometimes feel that I have lesbian relationships with many people hahaha. ANYWAYS, besides the point I'm just kidding btw I'm straight. I'm just very thankful for you, for understanding what I do, always offering to write for me like my emails or write ups or whatever not, trying to get me sponsors, trying to link me up with the big people you meet in industries I'm very touched. I love how we're always so genuinely happy for each other's success and always so ready to share. You're always on a look out for me, like the random texts or photo references or places to visit I appreciate them all. I feel like I repeat the same things about you all the time and I wonder if I get boring (I'm sorry if I do) or I'm sorry if it seems like I have limit vocab or we have limited experiences together. But yeah, I'm always really very grateful for you, even for the same things. I guess it's consistency and always being available for each other that keeps us as great friends. So here's to many many many more years love you <3 Just know that I'm very proud of you and I know that you have the potential to go very far, not only because of how beautiful you are on the outside but more so on the inside. She's such a precious gem I wished you all knew hahaha but too bad, not for sharing hahahaha I'm kidding

Monday, 19 May 2014

See you again soon I hope, if ever the chance :>

Maarit just flew off today and was just editing her photos again because I didn't really have time to do them properly during the semester. She's such a beauty and such a cute girl :') Kept on laughing at her own pictures. Her photos are starting to grow on me and now I wished we'd shot more. But sigh yknow how when you're in the midst of the sem, you don't really have time to do anything extra but just shoot whatever that is necessary. But oh wells, at least I met her. Kinda funny and random how we became friends. She's an exchange student from Finland! It was random because we were in the mac lab and I saw that she was having problems with her thumbdrive and so I offered her mine. And soon enough we were talking about traveling and Bali so we exchanged e-mails (and she offered me Finish chocolates SO GOOD) so that I could help her with her Bali trip since I went there before. And yup that's how it all happened. I wonder if friendships like these would still happen as we grow older. Such spontaneity, so unexpected 

I don't know why the colours look weird when I'm viewing through my phone so haha view through your computers pleaseee. It's not this blue-ish green :( 

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Flowers sponsored by Mirage Flowers 

Recently had to compile a PDF with my works in it and got the chance to look at all these old photos again. I miss this. I miss working with all of you :') It's the best feeling when you work with friends, be it models or assistants. It becomes such a friendly affair, and it always ends well

Alan + Jo

Thanks Kenneth for getting us along in this :> Working as a videographer just made me realised how important videos are in general. They capture so much more and emotions are made alot more genuine ah :') So right now my thoughts are videography > photography

Hahaha what a quick jump right, I wonder how long this would last.
But please enjoy this video ahhh

& btw they're such a lovely pair :')

Saturday, 17 May 2014

#shumlausteadliao #whenafloristweds

Alan, the groom brewed his own beer and packaged them. Just wow right. I'm still so tickled by what they named the beers
'Weiss you so like that' and 'Wahlao Ale' #pun

I was so glad to bump into Steven at the Brotzeit catering. I used to be working in Brotzeit with him. Oh those fun days filled with german food hahaha. Brotzeit for a wedding is such a smart idea 

Had the chance to be part of Allan and Jo's wedding and it was so beautiful :') Eds and I were there with Kenneth doing the videography and it was fun doing it because their wedding looks amazing to begin with. Plus they're both such easy going happy people haha, even their speeches were so cute. The place smells so fresh because of all the flowers they used! They're family runs Floral Magic haha now we know why the wedding looks so good. This makes me happy :> Congrats once again!!!


Shots from the Hassleblad
I actually wanted to upload my fav shot but somehow when I upload it blogspot adjusts the colour to something else :/ But oh wells haha here's some of them. Thanks for believing in me you're so easy and great to work with seriously. Anddd coincidentally, Congrats on winning Miss Asia Pacific Singapore 2014 hahaha you've done it again (as expected hahaha) So right now I can say, I'VE SHOT POOJA FROM MISS ASIA PACIFIC AND ASIA NEXT TOP MODEL 
Hahaha I'm keeding 

Anyways I know I've been pretty dead here :/ Just that I've been trying to adapt to working once exams ended for me. But I'm adjusting better :> So yup now I'm back!!!!!!!!!!  

Free Paulanerrr

Missing Rach Jon and Jo 

Glad I decided to head down despite me having to be terribly late for the party. It's amazing how ADM always have free awesome parties, seriously. The free food, free GERMAN beer and nice location haha. The main point is FREEE + company of course. I don't usually attend parties because I'm such an awkward turtle but felt like I wanted to go for this to kinda see everyone before I go on exchange. Haha by the time I reached, they were already packing up but my friends saved me food and drink yay. I even got a free (expensive) sprite hahah. But yay I had a good time surprisingly Despite me struggling quite a bit with school and it's system, I'm glad I'm in ADM :>

Wow we're done with Year 2

Friday, 2 May 2014

Sneaky suppers

Supper with Val

Tomorrow will mark the end of all submissions and then another paper on the 7th. Almost thereeeeeeee. I can't wait :>