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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Salzburg in 'Velvia'

The queue that made me feel something

Hearing about the free food and drinks given out during the week was different when I was there experiencing it myself. I just can't describe the kind of compassion and care that was at the place. In Singaporean terms, I felt that our 'Kiasu' spirit was actually turned into care for one another. I think my favourite has to be the umbrella rental that day. How original and practical hahah really loved it

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

E-mails are probably my fav

Woke up to an e-mail from Mr Schaugg and it makes me extremely happy to hear from him so soon despite me taking like 3 weeks to respond to his. I'm not sure how long this would go on for (it's been 3 months) but my e-mails with him mean a lot to me somehow and I hope it goes on for a long time. He's a great inspiration to me just learning from him in my months in Germany. So to still have his input about my work and the way I think really encourages me. This was the last portrait he wanted to make together days before I flew off. I was honoured? In a sense that he wanted a picture with me (but he kept the negative so I only have a scan of it hahah that's alright) and I never had myself on a large format film but yay now I do. I was trying very hard to give an 'artist' face as he calls it because I'm really not used to not smiling, but theres me trying my best

Thanks for investing in me Mr Schaugg, you really inspire me and I believe I'll see you again some day

Ever be

This song keeps replaying in my head

Monday, 16 March 2015

"Why have you stopped posting on Instagram?!"

Firstly, I've missed you Helen haha. It was funny receiving that text from her because she actually installed Instagram to kinda follow me and know what's going on in Singapore. Oh and on a sidenote this photobooth session happened when we were cooking dinner one day at her place and we barely had any ingredients because it was almost Christmas. So we actually found a whole stash of Singaporean spicy food in one of her mini cupboards and decided to make curry laksa pasta with carrots and egg. IT WAS SURPRISINGLY GOOD. Just that we really had our bellies burning because that pack was meant for 5-6? And it was meant to be like laska soup but we made it thick into pasta paste consistency. Oh wells super spicy, but it was good. And then we made oatmeal healthy cookies together with milk (So good). That was also Pete's first time baking hahah he cooks but doesn't bake. 

I fell sick today because I was shooting the entire weekend, the weather is bad so is the air. I fall sick when I don't sleep or eat regularly and enough, and super easily too which is a bad sign. And today I just happened to chance upon this photo which makes me miss Germany a whole bunch

Congrats Mark & Esther :')

Mark actually scanned the polaroid the very next day! This is a low res screen grab from facebook but I love it already. Thanks for engaging me for your actual day <3 As much as it was extremely nerve wrecking for me, I enjoyed it thoroughly. And I'm glad to say that this was my first time ever heading an actual wedding day yayyyyyyyyyyy

(And thanks Pete for coming too :> )

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Impossible Project

Polaroids please don't fade. Give me a few weeks and I'll start scanning you

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Crap days be over

Stop being an emotional wreck and start remembering why do you even do, what you do. Think clear, and start again. 

(Beebizzle last year before she flew off)