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Thursday, 17 March 2016

We won a sword

Went to the Pasar Malam yesterday because there was one right at Jurong Point. We were too full then to eat anything (although we did consciously try to not eat so much during dinner hahaha) We just over estimate our appetites cause we wanna eat so much but in reality we eat less than a full meal. Moderation eating is good lol. Decided to go play some games since it's been years since I did that. The games have leveled up slightly to Taiwan night market standards but I just wanted to play the ones I had as a kid. Hahaha yknow the fishing one with the spinning pool, yup we played that. 

Thanks for such a simply fun few hours after school. Even though FYP and final year can be a real pain, at least we have friends to be thankful for :') This week I have loads of people to be thankful for and I'll do that in a seperate post when I have pictures of my patterns banner. It's finally up in ADM lobby with light shining through yayyyyyyyy. I'll thank everyone properly cause I really want to but thanks to everyone who has helped me in one way or another <3

(Oh and also I really like this colour editing?? Is it just me hahaha but I seriously love this one. Looks somewhat like film to me)

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

How beautiful is the swan as white as snow

Did a small online interview with this company regarding travel photography and I found thisss. How do their feathers keep them warm when they're on ice water when I'm just freezing while looking at them. 

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Would it be easier if I just did photographic prints. I've no idea why but I started my final year not thinking about prints or images at all

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Hahahaha one of the best dressed friends I have??? Oh and Yun Jing but she wasn't here last Thursday. Like ugh how cute is this. Clara's Nike shirt and shorts and ugh everything. I sound pretty obsessed right now but I really love how she dresses it's entertaining and special. Oh and that's Rach in the midst of a conversation with Jaysee and I creeped up behind her to have her ponytails done lol. She looks happy but no she was actually like Viv what are you doing again?!?!?!? 

Hahahha there there, hugs for you

One bone winglets don't make sense

Mornings and lunch with Yun Jing :-) I had a productive Tuesday because I had to get out of the house to assist Yun Jing hahaha. It helps me because I have a reason to wake up at 8 and start my day like a normal person should. Recently I've trying to find ways to feel productive because FYP makes me sad. Like do a little something everyday, ponder about FYP a little, cook or chores a little. It's like if I can't help myself, might as well help someone else lol. 

Had a wonderful lunch because we found this nice smelling place. Well the place smelt better than it actually was but it was not bad cause I wasn't expecting anything in Tai Seng to be honest. Best part was, we talked so much for hours??? I think hours, yes. Time literally flew right by and it felt so wonderful having no flow to the things we were talking about. Just jumping around different stages of our lives and be like 'OMG ME TOOO' was super fun. I'm so gonna miss eating long lunches and classmates like these. Don't disappear on me guysssss, don't let the workforce suck us in :-(